Me in Basel

Me drinking hot chocolate at Basler Weihnachtsmarkt on an Erasmus daytrip with exchange student friends, 2022/12/10
Basel, Switzerland

Zhengru (James) Fang



A little story

In the second semester of 8th grade, I started picking my handle for many social media and other accounts - later including Github. I was a passionate Model UN student (which later evolved to staff and secretariat leadership roles), and thus I picked @jamesdiplomat, as my handle.

I initially picked this for SnapChat, which I no longer use, and this handle also eventually became my handle for Instagram and Github. This is probably one of the things I get asked the most about me - especially since my area of interest and study doesn't have a lot to do with global affairs. But I am still proud to keep it, for that Model UN brought me many friends and the spirit of learning about the big beautiful world.